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2015 Client Event Series

Event: Happy Hour Date & Time: Thursday, April 30th From 4:30 - 6:30pm Location: Upstairs Circus Registration Closed Kelly and Matt Johannsen are the founders of Upstairs Circus and fellow LotusGroup Clients. We’d like to welcome you to a happy hour at their Lodo location. Meet, drink, and be merry. [...]

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Order Your “Make. Life. Count.” Shirt

(LotusGroup's Survival Day with the The Cottonwood Institute) We want to see clients "Make Life Count" so we're sending you a sweet new shirt for 2015! Want one? Then here's what you gotta do: 1. Must be a Client 2. Complete this order form 3. Wear the shirt and do something that "makes life count" 4. Share the [...]

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6 Misconceptions about Retirement Planning and How to Overcome Them

Did you know the language you speak has an impact on your disposition towards saving money and how you make financial decisions? Part of the challenge we face with saving today for our future self is that in the English language, we speak of the future differently than we do of the present or past.  In other words, our [...]

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How My Passions Collided to Raise $43,000

A College Experience Going to college was one of the best experiences of my life.  It was a hugely transformative period of time, and I had a blast at the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!).  I have also seen the positive impact a college degree has on life and career.  So, I suppose that’s partly [...]

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Your Parents are not ATMs!

Jim Fay, Love & Logic Parenting Have you ever worried about your children or grandchildren becoming financial catastrophes? Financial literacy and education can never start at too young of an age.  We are happy to share a valuable webinar from our brokerage partner TD Ameritrade, called: “Your Parents are not ATMs: Teaching Children the Value [...]

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Congratulations! Greg’s 5 Year Anniversary

  Our one and only, Greg Schowe, has reached his 5 year anniversary with LotusGroup! For half a decade, Greg has worked diligently to grow LotusGroup so we’d like to take a moment to share his achievements, both personally and professionally, as we celebrate this milestone and say thank you to Greg for all his [...]

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What’s Your Retirement Lifestyle Plan?

You worked hard your whole career, became well-respected at your craft, saved well for retirement…and yet are having a terrible time pulling the trigger and retiring. Why is it so difficult? The answer lies in the psychological and emotional barriers that millions of people experience when making the transitions into retirement.  Let’s explore those barriers [...]

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