Order Your “Make. Life. Count.” Shirt

(LotusGroup's Survival Day with the The Cottonwood Institute) We want to see clients "Make Life Count" so we're sending you a sweet new shirt for 2015! Want one? Then here's what you gotta do: 1. Must be a Client 2. Complete this order form 3. Wear the shirt and do something that "makes life count" 4. Share the [...]

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The Very Late Innings

Market Overview & Commentary Investment markets continued surging to ever higher levels of overvaluation during Q2/2014, despite real hiccups in the global economy (see Chart I below). First quarter U.S. GDP contracted by 2.9%, Europe continued to languish in a state of sub-par growth, and even China continued to slow. Chart I: Q1/2014 Asset Class [...]

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The Aging of a Cyclical Bull Market

Market Overview & Commentary US and International developed market equities are setting marginal new highs, after short pauses during Q1/2014.  The bull market is now at 63 months duration versus an average of 42 months, valuations remain at extremes, and sentiment remains overbought. For fear of sounding like a broken record, this rally has gone [...]

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Choppiness Continues

Market Overview & Commentary Despite a rocky early start to 2014, most investments rallied back during the back half of Q1 to end flat or slightly up (see Chart I below). Chart I: Q1/2014 Daily Price Chart for the S&P 500  Across various investment asset classes, only real estate really stood out with a meaningful [...]

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Financial New Year’s Resolution Starter Kit

In the US, 45% of people make New Year's resolutions.  The third most common goal (behind losing weight and getting organized) is spending less and saving more.  Sadly, only 8% of people will achieve this goal because they don't have an action plan to help them do it.  Although their intentions are the same as [...]

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Your Parents are not ATMs!

Jim Fay, Love & Logic Parenting Have you ever worried about your children or grandchildren becoming financial catastrophes? Financial literacy and education can never start at too young of an age.  We are happy to share a valuable webinar from our brokerage partner TD Ameritrade, called: “Your Parents are not ATMs: Teaching Children the Value [...]

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A Well Needed Market Correction Occurs (Q2 2013)

Market Overview & Commentary Since earlier this year, we had been suggesting that investment markets would witness a 2-3 month correction.  While we were a bit early in our call, the correction did indeed occur in Q2/2013. Every major investment asset class declined from its peak, and nearly every single one had negative returns for [...]

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