2018 Year In Review

  During 2018, there were countless joys, many new marriages, several new babies, a few graduations, numerous new jobs, and more! There were also a number of new beginnings for clients, disappointments to overcome, and celebrations of lives well lived. As we come to the end of 2018, we are once again honored to be [...]

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Lotus Club: Private Investment Update Q4-2018

  Despite 2018's market volatility, LotusGroup private investments have continued to deliver consistent cash flows and returns for our growing group of clientele. Q4 Highlights: Continued consistent cash flows and payouts amidst market volatility The successful early exit of our recommended infrastructure>easement funds, which generated 16%+ annualized IRRs for our client base. The launch of [...]

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Managing Emotions Through Both Ups and Downs

Public Market Update 2018 has been a roller coaster ride for fully invested public market investors. After a volatile start to 2018, US markets surged to all time highs between February and September. However, most major markets outside the US began to see robust declines, decoupling from the continued US gains. As October arrived, US [...]

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Rising Interest Rates – Sparking Concern into Global Markets

Public Market Update: The abrupt arrival of chilly weather here in Denver is a reminder that fall is ending and winter is upon us. Looking back over the past three months, US GDP growth exceeded expectations with tax cuts spurring increased economic activity. Looking forward, the picture of US GDP is a bit less clear [...]

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Lotus Club: Private Investment Update Q3-2018

  LotusClub has continued to deliver consistent cash flows and returns for our growing group of clientele. Q3 Highlights: An early exit on $6.7MM of infrastructure investments, with an expected over-achievement of initially targeted IRRs An increase from 10% to now 14% annualized distributions on our Denver-based co-working investment Continued progress on a $2-4MM workout [...]

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Have Financial Markets Reached the Summit?

    Public Market Update As of last week, the US bull market that began in March of 2009 became the longest in history, setting a new "record" of 3,453 days. While the sheer length of our current bull market has been phenomenal, global markets have continued to be relatively flat since 2011 - over seven [...]

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Will Trade Rhetoric and Hawkish Central Banks Spark Further Market Volatility?

  Public Market Update Global markets have been turbulent and volatile during the first half of 2018, with Q2 continuing the slight cumulative downtrend from Q1 (some markets have risen and some declined, but in aggregate show a small decline). A contributing factor to volatility has been the heightened rhetoric and growing pains between the [...]

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Lotus Club: Private Investment Update Q2-2018

  LGA private investments continue to deliver increasing distributions and asset values for our growing clientele. Few highlights for Q2: We had a successful exit on a golf course investment in Houston from 5 years ago, with the recapitalization of the company + increase in value delivering nearly 100% returns! We completed the first raise [...]

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Finding & Funding Your Legacy

Legacy: The Net Worth Statement of One's Life Just as a singer needs to “find their voice” to project their uniqueness into the world, we each need to find our unique legacy. Finding our legacy is about determining what matters most in our life, our work, our relationships and our involvement in activities. One may [...]

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Successfully Navigating a Choppy Market

  Public Market Update After nothing but bullish outlooks in 2017, 2018 has gotten off to a far choppier start, with global equity markets correcting 10%+ off of recent highs. Big U.S. tax cuts, synchronized global growth, and strong earnings look to face increasingly strong headwinds from the Fed's rate hikes, rising inflation, and protectionist [...]

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