Lotus Club: Private Investment Update Q1-2017 (Continued Exponential Growth!)

  Lotus Club Program Highlights (90 day progress) 64 Club Members with $0.65 billion of net worth (10 new Members) $30.3 million of private investments ($7.7 million added)* $9.2 million of backlog cash available for new private investments (up $0.8 million) $3.47 million of annual Club cash flow (up $0.8 million) $54K of annual cash flow per Member [...]

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Private Investment Update Q4-2016 (Introducing “Lotus Club”)

A huge 90 days of progress since our last private investment update...and a name change! Introducing:  Lotus Club The Club is a diverse group of individuals with a unifying love for Human Productivity. Our Club finds and solves real world problems, empowering competent and passionate people with our hard-working capital. Whether we are improving health [...]

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Private Investment Update Q3-2016

Our private investment program continues to mature, with new sourcing channels being cultivated and new investors joining in on the benefits. In the past three months, we expanded our sourcing channels by adding four new investment firms to our informal network.  These firms have already each supplied us with 1-2 leads on new investment managers [...]

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Private Investment Update Q2-2016

Well into our second year of the program now, we continue to find reasons why our clients love passive income. Most recently, our clients have told us it helps with the following: The ability to explore different career options because the stability of consistent income was there A greater focus on growth initiatives in their [...]

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Private Investment Update Q1-2016

Delivering Consistent Income Despite public market volatility, our Private Investment Program continues to deliver on its goals: Provide security and freedom through increasing cash flows Reduce stress through consistent performance Increase access through lower investment minimums We continue to work countless hours getting clients more deeply involved, staying on top of current investments, and sourcing new [...]

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2015 Recap – How LGA Clients Are Thriving Through The Stock Market Meltdown (Seriously!)

There has been quite the buzz over rapid stock market declines in 2015 and early 2016.  Since the global bear market took hold: Commodities are down 50-60% Emerging Markets are down 50%+ Europe is down 20-25% …and even the US is now down 10-20% in the first two weeks of 2016. Here's the good news [...]

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Global Bear Grumbles On For Second Straight Year (US Equities Late to the Party; Mauled Areas Starting to Look Attractive)

We Remain in the Midst of a Concerted Global Bear Market After yearly market lows in August and September, we saw a moderate bounce in select risk assets for the last quarter of 2015. Developed market equities rebounded off of lows, along with real estate assets...whereas emerging markets and fixed income continued to slide, and [...]

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