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(Mission: To help maximize life’s potential with those who put forth the effort)

Founding Partners

Raphael Martorello
Raphael MartorelloCo-Founder & Managing Partner
Raph has been independently named “Five Star Wealth Manager, 2014, 2015, and 2016.″ He founded investment firm Martorello Money Management (MMM) in 2004, and in 2007 co-founded LotusGroup Advisors to build off the success of MMM. In early 2016, the two firms merged and Raph became the majority owner and Managing Partner. Raph sets our overall vision and manages the LGA team, infusing his consultative and friendly approach into all we do. With a personal mission to help people achieve life’s potential, Raph inspires our team, clientele, and business partners to constantly strive for greater results. Raph has worked for two decades to develop our data-driven public investment models and he personally sources and invests in our private placement opportunities. Raph holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Economics from the University of Virginia.
Andy Seth
Andy SethCo-Founder & Member
Andy & Raph co-founded LotusGroup in 2007, building off of the success of Raph’s previous investment firm Martorello Money Management (MMM). For nine years, Andy helped to develop and improve LGA’s operations, advising, and client service functions. In early 2016, MMM was merged into LGA and Andy moved on to start a new business. He still maintains a modest passive ownership position in LotusGroup Advisors and is a strong advocate for advancing our mission to help clients reach their potential. Andy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Economics and Spanish from Boston College, graduated from Culver Military Academy, and is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). He is also heavily involved in the philanthropic & volunteer community of Denver.

The A-Team

Nick Pirnack
Nick PirnackPrivate Client Advisor
Nick has nearly a decade of advising experience, with a focus on business owners, working families, and high net worth retirees. He enjoys helping clients reach their potential while building cash flow to create additional freedom and opportunity. Nick is currently the Dir. of Volunteers for Minds Matter, VP and Board Member for Denver Active 2030, and Board Member for Mile High Young Professionals. Nick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a minor in Business Administration from Colorado State University and is a CFP Candidate.
Cole Newcomer
Cole NewcomerPrivate Client Advisor
Cole serves as a Private Client Advisor for LotusGroup, focusing on successful working professionals, families, and high net worth retirees. He has years of advising experience at both LotusGroup and from his prior work at Merrill Lynch. Cole enjoys helping clients gain visibility to their situation, increase control through planning, and bring harmony to their lifestyle and relationships. Cole is Chairman for the non-profit Christmas for Kids, and is a volunteer for Denver Active 2030 Children’s Foundation. Cole holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree from Illinois State University.
Karsten Gucinski
Karsten GucinskiAdvisor & Savings Coach
Karsten serves as an Advisor and Savings Coach for LotusGroup clients. Focused on our Emerging client group, Karsten helps these smaller-sized clients to implement strategies that increase their income and savings. Part advice, part coach, Karsten helps these clients to develop good habits, and eventually emerge into greater future investment opportunities as their wealth grows. Karsten also helps clients with their account paperwork, our spend and visibility dashboards, and their customized financial plans. Karsten holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Denver.
Stephanie Schlemeyer
Stephanie SchlemeyerSenior Analyst & Portfolio Manager
Steph serves as our Senior Analyst in the Investment Strategy Group, with years of quantitative analysis and operational execution experience at both LotusGroup and the Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Steph operates our investment models, executes our portfolio strategies, and helps with primary research on new public investment opportunities and strategies. She serves as a Mentor for Minds Matter of Denver and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Messiah College.
Alissa McBain
Alissa McBainSenior Operations & Private Investment Analyst
Alissa manages our operations, including the evaluation and functioning of all our internal processes and technologies. She also conducts due diligence analysis in our Private Investment Program. Alissa has a decade of experience as a business analysis and client service professional with prior leadership roles at American Express. Alissa serves as a the database manager for Minds Matter of Denver and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Mathematics from San Francisco State University.

Core Values

  • I deliver thrilling service and build relationships for life.
  • I help people reach their potential.
  • I do what’s right and act from a position of strength.
  • I pursue growth and learning.
  • I prepare to win and do my best.
  • I do more with less.
  • I build a loving and respectful family spirit.
  • I am adventurous, creative, and open-minded.
  • I create fun and a little entertainment.
  • I am humble and generous.
Make Life Count