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2020 Recap – Reasons Why It Still Was A Good Year!

  2020 was undoubtedly a historic year, producing emotional overload for many! However, the world continued to move forward and there were still some positives to focus on (as there always are). Creators continued to create, producers continued to produce, and most people once again proved to be resilient to the challenges they faced. At [...]

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The Election Effect

(source:www.timesofindia.com) Election season is upon us, and with that comes anticipation, speculation, and uncertainty. When you add in the coronavirus pandemic, it is easy to see why our country's emotions are running high. In contrast, our team continues to manage client portfolios quantitatively, aiming to remove emotions in decisions. We also continue to work with [...]

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Steady Hands Required (A Half Year of Volatility)

  Only halfway through 2020 and it is already a year to remember (or maybe we will try to forget)! TV's and web browsers are continuously bombarding us with "Breaking News" flashing ominously on the screen. It's safe to say not many could have predicted this year's events, from the coronavirus pandemic to social justice [...]

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Reflecting on 2019 and the new decade ahead

  Happy New Year! As we reflect on another busy 365 days, we are grateful for the wonderful clients, business partners and team here at LotusGroup. One of the firm's greatest strengths is the network of collective relationships we build each day across a wonderful group of individuals and families. That being said, we hope [...]

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Interval Funds – Expanding the Access of Private Investments

Interval Funds 101   LotusGroup recently launched a private interval fund sourcing program to help clients improve diversification, access and liquidity. As such, we thought it would be helpful to provide a high-level overview of the interval fund origin and structure. Why Interval Funds? Historically, investments in alternatives have not been readily available to most [...]

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The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act Investment Market Update US equities posted another lackluster quarter in Q3-2019. The S&P 500 has now dropped, rallied and then churned sideways for a relatively stagnant return over the past 12 months (see Chart I below). Chart I: S&P 500 Performance Trailing 12 months (Source: Yahoo Finance) Looking more globally, equity-like risk [...]

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Finding Value in Today’s Market Environment

Where is the Value? Investments with meaningful intrinsic value remain scarce with public markets still overvalued and a recent influx of volatility. International public equities have had lackluster returns during the past five years while US markets appear to have stalled out as well over the past twelve months. Our investment team continues to see pockets [...]

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Make.Life.Count Here at LotusGroup - we firmly believe in our company's mission, "Maximizing Human Potential," and look to instill this mission into our broader community of clients, family and friends. Our goal has always been to build a culture that provides our clients the transparency, security and trust around their investment portfolio so that they [...]

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2018 Year In Review

  During 2018, there were countless joys, many new marriages, several new babies, a few graduations, numerous new jobs, and more! There were also a number of new beginnings for clients, disappointments to overcome, and celebrations of lives well lived. As we come to the end of 2018, we are once again honored to be [...]

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Managing Emotions Through Both Ups and Downs

Public Market Update 2018 has been a roller coaster ride for fully invested public market investors. After a volatile start to 2018, US markets surged to all time highs between February and September. However, most major markets outside the US began to see robust declines, decoupling from the continued US gains. As October arrived, US [...]

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