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Investment Portfolio Risk for Biz Owners

If you are a business owner and have ever taken an investment risk assessment, chances are you landed on aggressive risk tolerance. On the surface, this categorization makes sense. Being a business owner already defines you as a risk-taker. However, it does not necessarily mean aggressive investing is the right decision for you. At LotusGroup [...]

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Dropping Mortgage Rates – Should I Refi?

      "Should I refinance my house right it worth the effort?" With rates at historic lows, this is the most common question our advising team is currently receiving. Having an advisor in your court is important to help you sort through the many variables of refinancing your home. As with all large [...]

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LotusGroup Hosts a Traveling Circus at Thrive Ballpark

LotusGroup held its second event of the year, the ‘Traveling Circus’ at Thrive Ballpark last quarter. Clients ate and drank like royalty while creating a piece of the Denver Skyline with Upstairs Circus that will be hung at Thrive Ballpark! Here are a couple of the highlights and client survey results. People most enjoyed meeting [...]

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Increase Your Success by Having More Fun

Have you ever met someone who is extremely successful that also seems completely happy and wondered what they were doing differently?  As it turns out they don’t have any secrets, they simply focus on happiness and success follows. Happiness and success are subjects that have been researched and written about endlessly. Shawn Achor, who wrote [...]

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Vanguard study finds how much value is added by advisors, and it’s a lot.

Quantifying the value of any service can be difficult, and quantifying the value of the service provided by a financial advisor is no exception.  Vanguard is known in the financial industry for its low-cost funds, index investing, and has been spearheading the do-it-yourself movement.  However, they recently released a report using their very own data [...]

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Financial New Year’s Resolution Starter Kit

In the US, 45% of people make New Year's resolutions.  The third most common goal (behind losing weight and getting organized) is spending less and saving more.  Sadly, only 8% of people will achieve this goal because they don't have an action plan to help them do it.  Although their intentions are the same as [...]

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How Black Friday is Designed to Make You Behave Like an Idiot

Black Friday is this week and it is the greatest test of your financial behavior of the year. The promise of getting the most incredible savings of your lifetime on that TV or computer you've been eyeing all year, as well as the chance to get all your holiday shopping done in one day.  Oh, [...]

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The Financial Implications Of FOMO (The Fear Of Missing Out)

FOMO Defined FOMO, or the “Fear Of Missing Out”, can lead to a fun, spontaneous life, but it can also lead to financial ruin. We've all heard the age-old saying, “The best things in life are free”, but in reality, living a fun-filled life of travel and adventure requires a constant flow of cash.  Unlike [...]

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LGA Gives Day: Operation Hope – Banking on the Future

You could hear a pin drop as we sat down in front of ten teenage foster children. It was 9am and these teens were still rubbing the sleep from their eyes, less than enthused to hear what we might be able to teach them about basic finances. However, these teens were about to leave the [...]

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