2020 Recap – Reasons Why It Still Was A Good Year!

  2020 was undoubtedly a historic year, producing emotional overload for many! However, the world continued to move forward and there were still some positives to focus on (as there always are). Creators continued to create, producers continued to produce, [...]

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Finding your North Star in uncertain times

In both hiking and sailing, conditions can change rapidly and for the worse, and it is not uncommon for disorientation to set in and give way to poor, fear-based decisions. It’s no different in the real world. As one of [...]

Special Update (March 13, 2020): Extreme Market Volatility – Coronavirus Impacts

We hope this post finds you all well and taking any precautions you feel necessary for protecting your health and your loved ones. Whew - who would've known that COVID-19 would cause such a pervasive disruption worldwide? With all the [...]

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