Special Update (March 13, 2020): Extreme Market Volatility – Coronavirus Impacts

We hope this post finds you all well and taking any precautions you feel necessary for protecting your health and your loved ones. Whew - who would've known that COVID-19 would cause such a pervasive disruption worldwide? With all the [...]

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Traditional Private Equity vs. Asset-Backed Investments (and Quick Public Market Update w/ Coronavirus Impacts)

    We typically write-up a full investment market and portfolio update at the end of each quarter, with a more interest-related post at the mid-quarter mark. For this mid-quarter post, our Alternative Asset Manager, Louis Frank, has written up [...]

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Interval Funds – Expanding the Access of Private Investments

Interval Funds 101   LotusGroup recently launched a private interval fund sourcing program to help clients improve diversification, access and liquidity. As such, we thought it would be helpful to provide a high-level overview of the interval fund origin and [...]

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