A Well Needed Market Correction Occurs (Q2 2013)

Market Overview & Commentary Since earlier this year, we had been suggesting that investment markets would witness a 2-3 month correction.  While we were a bit early in our call, the correction did indeed occur in Q2/2013. Every major investment asset class declined from its peak, and nearly every single one had negative returns for [...]

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Taking Overheated to New Levels (Mid Q2 2013)

Market Overview & Commentary Global equity markets have been mixed for the first half of 2013, with most US stock indexes hitting new highs while overseas markets have risen less exuberantly, and in some cases have even declined on the year. Despite numerous economic challenges in the US, an unprecedented level of government stimulus and [...]

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Congratulations! Greg’s 5 Year Anniversary

  Our one and only, Greg Schowe, has reached his 5 year anniversary with LotusGroup! For half a decade, Greg has worked diligently to grow LotusGroup so we’d like to take a moment to share his achievements, both personally and professionally, as we celebrate this milestone and say thank you to Greg for all his [...]

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US Markets Benefit from Fears Overseas

Market Overview & Commentary Most broad-based US equity markets closed the quarter at their all-time highs, surging higher as safe-haven money flows came in from overseas investors.  EU debt crisis fears resurfaced as Cyprus required a new bailout, which included the confiscation of approximately 60% of personal bank account values above €100,000.  This surprising move [...]

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Preparing for a Potential Short Term Correction (Mid Q1 2013)

 Market Overview & Commentary Investment markets have had a gallant run for the last 4-5 quarters, posting double-digit positive returns across a variety of different asset classes, with only a couple 5-10% corrective pullbacks along the way. Our expectation is that 2013 should continue this cyclical bull market run, albeit with a near-term correction expected [...]

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2012 Review: Rewards for Perseverance (Q4)

Market Overview & Commentary The year 2012 had many investment twists and turns, where navigating the opportunities and pitfalls was once again a full time job.  Consider the variety of factors that caused ripples in markets at one time or another during the year: Ongoing war in Syria, the Benghazi attacks, Iran tensions Ongoing European [...]

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Capturing the Holiday Spirit

I picked up ‘Dan’ (name withheld to protect identity) at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday.   He’d been looking forward to the day’s activities so much that he said he’d barely slept the night before. Regardless his eyes were bright with excitement, and away we went… I became a member of Denver Active last [...]

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Getting Beyond the Uncertainty (Mid Q4 2012)

Market Overview & Commentary Investment markets have pulled back slightly during Q4, but remain up for the year.  Building off of the generational lows from early 2009, US equity markets have performed the best, while foreign developed and emerging markets have grown much more conservatively due to the EU crisis and slower global trade. Outside [...]

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