Finding your North Star in uncertain times

In both hiking and sailing, conditions can change rapidly and for the worse, and it is not uncommon for disorientation to set in and give way to poor, fear-based decisions. It’s no different in the real world. As one of the strangest years in recent history draws to a close and many clients are unsure [...]

Purpose & Priorities – What is your Game Plan in 2019?

Navigating the New Year   We are two months into the New Year.  Do you set goals or make New Year’s Resolutions?  Is this an exciting year for you, with new possibilities, personal growth, or career advancement in your plans? Or maybe this is a year of unknowns, with a mixture of fear and anxiety, possibly [...]

Increase Your Success by Having More Fun

Have you ever met someone who is extremely successful that also seems completely happy and wondered what they were doing differently?  As it turns out they don’t have any secrets, they simply focus on happiness and success follows. Happiness and success are subjects that have been researched and written about endlessly. Shawn Achor, who wrote [...]

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The Financial Implications Of FOMO (The Fear Of Missing Out)

FOMO Defined FOMO, or the “Fear Of Missing Out”, can lead to a fun, spontaneous life, but it can also lead to financial ruin. We've all heard the age-old saying, “The best things in life are free”, but in reality, living a fun-filled life of travel and adventure requires a constant flow of cash.  Unlike [...]

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What’s Your Retirement Lifestyle Plan?

You worked hard your whole career, became well-respected at your craft, saved well for retirement…and yet are having a terrible time pulling the trigger and retiring. Why is it so difficult? The answer lies in the psychological and emotional barriers that millions of people experience when making the transitions into retirement.  Let’s explore those barriers [...]

A Week Living on Food Stamps: $4.56 per Day

The gym is rocking. Skrillex is bumping and twelve people are ready to bust their asses at 6am. They start with basic stretches and move quickly into the ladder – high knees, laterals, ballistic squats, side cuts, pushups. Everyone’s heart rates climb and after 5 minutes, it’s time to get after it for real. Today’s [...]

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness? Look at the Smile on My Face – Ear to Ear, Baby.

Do you know someone with first world problems? Like people who hate their job but not enough to find a new one. Or people who complain that their iPhone 5 maps can’t locate their house with 100% accuracy. Sometimes I want to drop kick them in the forehead. Why are some people so unhappy while [...]

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You Sure You’re Hiring The Best?

Anyone can say they hire the best people and that their company is a great place to work, but push someone to articulate their culture and they’ll stumble over their words. Worse, there will be a difference between what executives, management, and staff feel and that’s not good for business. At LotusGroup, we set out [...]

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