What’s Your Retirement Lifestyle Plan?

You worked hard your whole career, became well-respected at your craft, saved well for retirement…and yet are having a terrible time pulling the trigger and retiring. Why is it so difficult? The answer lies in the psychological and emotional barriers that millions of people experience when making the transitions into retirement.  Let’s explore those barriers [...]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Merging Finances After Marriage

Marriages are full of challenges, but none more significant than those related to money.  Fighting about money leads to frustration, anger, arguments, and eventually can end in divorce.  The kicker is even couples who make plenty of money and live within their means can still have their challenges. Check out the graph below, the correlation [...]

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The Secret to Increasing Your Enjoyment of the Things You Love

  When exactly did the 'numbness' kick in?  When did the enjoyment diminish?  All the hard work led to higher incomes, more disposable cash, perhaps more free time, yet the simple pleasures that used to be so fulfilling now feel rather blasé. How and why does this happen? It boils down to self-control. I stumbled [...]

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The Explosion of Network Marketing Businesses

“I’ve got an incredible new business opportunity to tell you about where you don’t have to worg and you can make millions!” “Uh, really??” “Yeah, all you have to do is sign up 10 people, and then those people need to sign up 10 people, and then those………” The new wave of marketing jobs from [...]

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Negotiate Like a Pro – For Income & Savings

You: “Hey Boss, please pay me more money.” Your Boss: “Sure, here’s your raise!” Yeah, it pretty much never goes like that!  So in order to get what you want, it’s vital that you negotiate like a pro. Central to the advice we give our clients is that the #1 area of focus in your financial life [...]

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Chasing The Leaders

It’s difficult to ignore the wild changes in poll results among the Republican primary candidates. Every few weeks there’s a new candidate capturing the media’s attention and taking the lead, only to fall back to earth after the next flavor of the month emerges to center stage. The parallels between this roller coaster ride of a primary and that of investor behavior are noteworthy.

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The Candle Problem

You sit at a table next to a wooden wall and the experimenter gives you the materials shown to the left: a candle, some tacks, and a box of matches. Your job is to fix the candle to the wall so that the wax doesn’t drop on the table. Think for a moment about how you’d solve the problem.