Traditional Private Equity vs. Asset-Backed Investments (and Quick Public Market Update w/ Coronavirus Impacts)

    We typically write-up a full investment market and portfolio update at the end of each quarter, with a more interest-related post at the mid-quarter mark. For this mid-quarter post, our Alternative Asset Manager, Louis Frank, has written up an interesting piece on the difference between private equity and private asset-backed investments. However, given [...]

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Reflecting on 2019 and the new decade ahead

  Happy New Year! As we reflect on another busy 365 days, we are grateful for the wonderful clients, business partners and team here at LotusGroup. One of the firm's greatest strengths is the network of collective relationships we build each day across a wonderful group of individuals and families. That being said, we hope [...]

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Interval Funds – Expanding the Access of Private Investments

Interval Funds 101   LotusGroup recently launched a private interval fund sourcing program to help clients improve diversification, access and liquidity. As such, we thought it would be helpful to provide a high-level overview of the interval fund origin and structure. Why Interval Funds? Historically, investments in alternatives have not been readily available to most [...]

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The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act Investment Market Update US equities posted another lackluster quarter in Q3-2019. The S&P 500 has now dropped, rallied and then churned sideways for a relatively stagnant return over the past 12 months (see Chart I below). Chart I: S&P 500 Performance Trailing 12 months (Source: Yahoo Finance) Looking more globally, equity-like risk [...]

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Finding Value in Today’s Market Environment

Where is the Value? Investments with meaningful intrinsic value remain scarce with public markets still overvalued and a recent influx of volatility. International public equities have had lackluster returns during the past five years while US markets appear to have stalled out as well over the past twelve months. Our investment team continues to see pockets [...]

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Keeping Things in Perspective: Q1 Market Review

Public Market Update Global stocks rebounded following a significant correction in the fourth quarter of 2018. Q2 was a reminder that market volatility is a very real factor with US equities up 14%, International equities up 10%, and Bonds rallying as well. As we had discussed in our posts last year, the correction in Q4 [...]

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Purpose & Priorities – What is your Game Plan in 2019?

Navigating the New Year   We are two months into the New Year.  Do you set goals or make New Year’s Resolutions?  Is this an exciting year for you, with new possibilities, personal growth, or career advancement in your plans? Or maybe this is a year of unknowns, with a mixture of fear and anxiety, possibly [...]

LotusClub: Private Investment Update Q1-19

Q1 Highlights: As we spent most of last year launching and developing new products, we continue to receive positive feedback regarding our homegrown offerings. Continued consistent cash flows and payouts The ongoing success of our LGA IncomePlus Fund The launch and initial successes for our first direct offering, the LotusGroup Longevity Fund We would like [...]

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2018 Year In Review

  During 2018, there were countless joys, many new marriages, several new babies, a few graduations, numerous new jobs, and more! There were also a number of new beginnings for clients, disappointments to overcome, and celebrations of lives well lived. As we come to the end of 2018, we are once again honored to be [...]

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