Is the Traditional 60/40 Model Dead?

  Spring often brings a newfound excitement and sense of positivity. As the vaccine roll outs accelerate, it has also been promising to see the world creep back to normalcy. Our LotusGroup team has remained hard at work and laser-focused on the opportunity set which accompanies a reopening economy. Below is a collection of our [...]

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2020 Recap – Reasons Why It Still Was A Good Year!

  2020 was undoubtedly a historic year, producing emotional overload for many! However, the world continued to move forward and there were still some positives to focus on (as there always are). Creators continued to create, producers continued to produce, and most people once again proved to be resilient to the challenges they faced. At [...]

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Finding your North Star in uncertain times

In both hiking and sailing, conditions can change rapidly and for the worse, and it is not uncommon for disorientation to set in and give way to poor, fear-based decisions. It’s no different in the real world. As one of the strangest years in recent history draws to a close and many clients are unsure [...]

The Election Effect

( Election season is upon us, and with that comes anticipation, speculation, and uncertainty. When you add in the coronavirus pandemic, it is easy to see why our country's emotions are running high. In contrast, our team continues to manage client portfolios quantitatively, aiming to remove emotions in decisions. We also continue to work with [...]

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Dropping Mortgage Rates – Should I Refi?

      "Should I refinance my house right it worth the effort?" With rates at historic lows, this is the most common question our advising team is currently receiving. Having an advisor in your court is important to help you sort through the many variables of refinancing your home. As with all large [...]

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Steady Hands Required (A Half Year of Volatility)

  Only halfway through 2020 and it is already a year to remember (or maybe we will try to forget)! TV's and web browsers are continuously bombarding us with "Breaking News" flashing ominously on the screen. It's safe to say not many could have predicted this year's events, from the coronavirus pandemic to social justice [...]

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Traditional Private Equity vs. Asset-Backed Investments (and Quick Public Market Update w/ Coronavirus Impacts)

    We typically write-up a full investment market and portfolio update at the end of each quarter, with a more interest-related post at the mid-quarter mark. For this mid-quarter post, our Alternative Asset Manager, Louis Frank, has written up an interesting piece on the difference between private equity and private asset-backed investments. However, given [...]

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Reflecting on 2019 and the new decade ahead

  Happy New Year! As we reflect on another busy 365 days, we are grateful for the wonderful clients, business partners and team here at LotusGroup. One of the firm's greatest strengths is the network of collective relationships we build each day across a wonderful group of individuals and families. That being said, we hope [...]

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Interval Funds – Expanding the Access of Private Investments

Interval Funds 101   LotusGroup recently launched a private interval fund sourcing program to help clients improve diversification, access and liquidity. As such, we thought it would be helpful to provide a high-level overview of the interval fund origin and structure. Why Interval Funds? Historically, investments in alternatives have not been readily available to most [...]

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The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act Investment Market Update US equities posted another lackluster quarter in Q3-2019. The S&P 500 has now dropped, rallied and then churned sideways for a relatively stagnant return over the past 12 months (see Chart I below). Chart I: S&P 500 Performance Trailing 12 months (Source: Yahoo Finance) Looking more globally, equity-like risk [...]

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