Investment Portfolio Risk for Biz Owners

If you are a business owner and have ever taken an investment risk assessment, chances are you landed on aggressive risk tolerance. On the surface, this categorization makes sense. Being a business owner already defines you as a risk-taker. However, it does not necessarily mean aggressive investing is the right decision for you. At LotusGroup [...]

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Special Update (March 13, 2020): Extreme Market Volatility – Coronavirus Impacts

We hope this post finds you all well and taking any precautions you feel necessary for protecting your health and your loved ones. Whew - who would've known that COVID-19 would cause such a pervasive disruption worldwide? With all the investment volatility in markets right now, we wrote this Special Update to help you feel [...]

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The Bull Keeps Running: Q2 Market Update

Investment Market Update Amid trade tensions with China and unsatisfactory economic data, last quarter provided investors with some volatility. However equity markets remained resilient, with the S&P 500 grinding its way to a positive return and some nominal new highs. Dovish views from the Fed during the first half of 2019 have helped markets recover [...]

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Make.Life.Count Here at LotusGroup - we firmly believe in our company's mission, "Maximizing Human Potential," and look to instill this mission into our broader community of clients, family and friends. Our goal has always been to build a culture that provides our clients the transparency, security and trust around their investment portfolio so that they [...]

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