[Reprinted from the Denver Business Journal]

Andy Seth
Title: Co-Founder / Managing Partner
Company: LotusGroup Advisors
Age: 32
Key civic affiliations: Minds Matter of Denver, KIPP Colorado

According to Andy Seth, only 11 percent of low-income minorities will obtain a bachelor’s degree.

He would know — he was one of them.

Seth’s parents, immigrants from India, went bankrupt when he was 10. Seth lived in a hotel in Los Angeles, until he earned a scholarship to Culver Military Academy and moved to Indiana.

“I was old enough to realize that I didn’t ever want to go through that again,” he said.

Boston College offered Seth a full academic scholarship after high school. In addition to completing his studies, he started and sold two Internet companies while he was in college.

After college, Seth moved back to Los Angeles. He and a friend founded a Los Angeles chapter of Minds Matter, an organization aimed at helping low-income minorities get into and pay for college.

“I was a low-income minority who somebody bet on,” he said.

Four years later, Seth moved to Denver, co-founded a financial advising firm, LotusGroup Advisors, and brought Minds Matter with him.

He now balances his time between his firm, acting as President and Development Director of Minds Matter and volunteering with the Knowledge Is Power Program, which takes his vision of empowering low-income minorities to the junior-high level.

Seth said he wants “to help low-income, minority students as early as possible with the most impact possible.”

A multi-media video can be seen here with all the “40 Under 40” winners and a quote by Andy can be heard on the voice over.

“How did you get your chalkboard to look so much different than everyone else’s?”

We were told that the theme of the photo shoot would be, “In Kindergarten, what did you want to be when you grew up.”

I called the photographer to find out if she’d like us to think about bringing in props (like legos) and she said that the answer to our question was to be written on a chalkboard when we came into the studio.

I realized that I was probably one of few, if not the only one, who had this information so I let the creativity flow.

I went in search of the best chalk artist in Denver.

Eventually, I found Laurie Maves, an extremely talented artist who also had a dream of being in the “40 Under 40”. She had just turned 40 years old this year and was no longer eligible… except that now, I commissioned her to produce a piece of art that is featured in my picture, helping her realize her dream as well.

Watch the time-lapse video of Laurie painting this amazing piece of art: