You should be passionate about new client sales & service and about LotusGroup Advisors.

We are looking for someone based in Denver so we can train, support and work face-to-face.

We pay a base salary of $30,000 + 30% commission on assets over $3MM on an ongoing basis. Once you’ve reached $75,000 in personal income, we will bump your salary to $87,500 +10% commission + 5% bonus. We want to keep incentives high and aligned with our clients, while making sure we reward you for your teamwork.

Here’s what we believe in, judge for yourself if we’re for you:

  • Great advisors are great behavioral counselors, not stock market experts.
  • Intensive training, combined with support and leadership, is key to your success.
  • Active investment strategy beats buy-and-hold.
  • We go to see our busy clients. A throwback to doctors making house calls.
  • People are smart so we tell them the truth and report accurately.
  • Answer phones personally and respond quickly.
  • We are profitable and proud: we pay more and clients get better service. Everyone wins.

Here’s what we’re looking for (and we mean it):

Experience counts. We’re looking for someone with 3 to 5 years of experience, series 65 or 7 and 66 licenses, already has a book of business, and is motivated to move somewhere where their incentives are better aligned and they are treated with more respect and better pay.

You’ve got to sell. Family and friends are a good start, but you’ve also got to be an extraordinary networker and prospect on your own; building lists, making calls, qualifying leads, in-person meetings, exploring financial situations and asking for business.

Culture is huge. We’re small which means you’ll make an impact. Culture isn’t something we came up with, it’s the way we roll. Attitude affects culture so you should be a positive impact. We have great lives and want to keep it that way, not end up “strangers at a cocktail party”.

Put clients first. We don’t make money ten different ways, we make it one way. You’ve got to treat clients well and put their interests first. They will repay you with loyalty and referrals.

Communicate in plain English. The bureaucratic investment firm style seeks to create fear and complexity. We are not sourcing prospective resources to embody the skill sets to synergize value-added relationships and unparalleled service. We are hiring someone to sell and take care of new clients.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying for a position, please email a cover letter and resume to: iwanttowork

[at] lgadvisors [dot] com.

About Us

We are Andy and Raph and together, we started LotusGroup Advisors – a money management firm specializing in successful individuals/families and private business owners. Their needs are our specialty: build and protect wealth. We don’t do ‘help me survive’.

We started LGA because we were fed up with pushy brokers and holier-than-thou advisors who were more self-interested than concerned about their clients’ best interests. Our dream was to bring active advising and money management, typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy, to everyday successful folks. That’s why we chose to make money only one way – as a percent of assets managed – so we don’t sell any products. All we sell are ourselves and our active investment approach, and it’s worked.

In 7 years, we’ve grown to manage over $60 million in assets, funded the business ourselves and built an investment strategy and operations platform that doesn’t exist anywhere else. We believe in doing well while doing good and have earned awards for our business and community service (e.g. 2011: Denver Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” and 2011: Denver’s Leader of the Year Finalist). We are proud of the work we do and proud to help people reach their goals.

It’s our life’s work, is it yours?