If you are a business owner and have ever taken an investment risk assessment, chances are you landed on aggressive risk tolerance.

On the surface, this categorization makes sense.

Being a business owner already defines you as a risk-taker. However, it does not necessarily mean aggressive investing is the right decision for you. At LotusGroup Advisors, we know there are many more factors that go into choosing an appropriate investment strategy, and we work hard to help you understand the implications of each one.

Let’s dig into what we mean just a bit more.

Below is a high-level illustration of the economic cycle which most business owners follow, performing better at the peak than at the trough:

High-Level Illustration of Economic Cycle*

*Source:  Pirnack, Nick (2020)
Economic cycles are unpredictable, and the chart is for illustrative purposes only.

So, what does this mean for you?

This means you could be saving the most at the peak (“buying high”) and asking for money back out of your portfolio at the trough (“selling low”).

… and isn’t that the opposite of what successful investors are supposed to be doing?

At LGA, we believe it may be better for business owners to have a counter-cyclical investment strategy to smooth out volatility.

With counter-cyclical investing, one attempts to buy recession-resilient assets to hedge when the economic cycle is overheating and to get more aggressive at market bottoms.

Utilizing a strategy that can give business owners greater access to cash in downturns may also allow them to:

  1. feel more secure when business gets tough
  2. pull the cash from their portfolio to help make ends meet
  3. possibly take advantage of the situation if using an investment account to purchase such troubled businesses, is a good fit for them

We believe there are only but so many downturns a business owner can take advantage of in a lifetime.

When they come, and if appropriate, we want you to be ready for the opportunities available to accelerate your goals.   Please call us to discuss if this strategy is one that may be right for your portfolio.

Let’s make them all count!


Nick Pirnack


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