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Lotus Club Program Highlights (90 day progress)
  • 64 Club Members with $0.65 billion of net worth (10 new Members)
  • $30.3 million of private investments ($7.7 million added)*
  • $9.2 million of backlog cash available for new private investments (up $0.8 million)
  • $3.47 million of annual Club cash flow (up $0.8 million)
  • $54K of annual cash flow per Member (up $5K per member)
  • 301 total private placements (44 new placements)

Members are telling friends, friends are telling family, and people are knocking down our doors right now.

So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that stable cash flow brings comfort, confidence, and choice.

The big deal is that by working together we achieve scale to negotiate better results collectively vs individually.

The big deal is that we are helping to solve some major economic problems:affordable housing, transitional care, renewable energy, etc.

* LotusGroup now manages over $100 million in assets across both private and public strategies


To learn more about Lotus Club and whether you qualify, please complete and submit our simple form here:

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