Lotus Club Program Highlights (90 day progress)
  • 73 Club Members with $0.7 billion of net worth (9 new Members)
  • 398 total private placements (97 new placements)
  • $40.6 million of private investments ($10.3 million added)*
  • $9.7 million of backlog cash available for new private investments (up $0.5 million)
  • $4.51 million of annual Club cash flow (up $1.04 million)
  • $62K of annual cash flow per Member (up $8K per member)


We are floored by the reception to our passive income solutions.

With each passing quarter, the club continues to grow in membership and in size…

…allowing for us to continue gaining access and negotiating even better investments.

We recently negotiated with a $1.8B money manager from New York, and secured 2.75% per year of excess return to investors relative to the “rack” rate deal.

We have also started sharing details of our newly sourced investments in emails to our “friends of” distribution list.

* LotusGroup now manages over $110 million in assets across both private and public strategies


If you’d like to learn more about joining Lotus Club and whether you qualify, please complete and submit our simple form here:

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If you know of someone else who would like to get on our mailing list, just have them send their email to [email protected] and we will start sharing investments and details.