Another 90 days in the books and a lot to report on!

We activated another $9.0MM of client investments, including the addition of two new private LP investments.

  1. Mid-market lending with an immediate 11.1% return, and subsequent 7.77% annual cash flow.
  2. A roll-up of the waste management industry, currently paying out 8.7%, and targeting 15%+ per year long-term return.

We were able to initiate 65 new placements for clients, while also increasing the avg club member to $67K per year of cash flow.

Our first successful exit is on the horizon within the next 3-6 months – stay tuned!

Finally, we are working hard behind the scenes to create and offer our own direct funds in early 2018.

We intend to launch a fund-of-funds offering which will target cost reduction, diversification, and bespoke investment opportunities.


Lotus Club Program Highlights (90 day progress)

  • 76 Club Members with $0.7 billion of net worth (3 new Members)
  • 463 total private placements (65 new placements)
  • $50.6 million of private investments ($9.0 million added)*
  • $5.12 million of annual cash flow (up $0.61 million)
  • $67K of annual cash flow per Member (up $5K per member)
* LotusGroup now manages over $120 million in assets across both private and public strategies


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