LotusClub has continued to deliver consistent cash flows and returns for our growing group of clientele.

Q3 Highlights:

  • An early exit on $6.7MM of infrastructure investments, with an expected over-achievement of initially targeted IRRs
  • An increase from 10% to now 14% annualized distributions on our Denver-based co-working investment
  • Continued progress on a $2-4MM workout in pre-leased real estate

As our lineup continues to perform, we are also excited about the upcoming Q4 launch of our direct LotusGroup Longevity Fund (“LLF”)!

LGA IncomePlus Fund (Email us to get invested in next close late Sept)

LGA IncomePlus Fund has sustained its initial success and continues to be a winner:

  • Investment commitments are up to $13MM (more scale = better deal flow and lower overall costs).
  • Conducted our first RIA Due Diligence Day on Aug 22 (6 firms = $2.1B of assets managed).
  • Issued our first 6% annualized distribution (fully covered)

Investors will be receiving their Q2 statement this week, showing positive gains in our very first quarter of operations (eliminating the J-curve is very unique within the industry)!

For more info on our latest progress, click below for a quick 1 page update:

Launch of New Sister Firm, “LotusGroup Capital, LLC”
After months of deep work, we officially launched our sister company, “LotusGroup Capital, LLC (LGC)”.

LGC is targeting the development of one new direct private funds every 24 months:

  • Lower expenses
  • Higher targeted returns
  • Increased access
  • Improved transparency

As mentioned above, the LotusGroup Longevity Fund (“LLF”) will be our first to launch, with a targeted 14-15% annualized return.

LGC will be separately capitalized and staffed to allow for focused product development.

This move will also allow our top-notch LGA Private Client Advisor team to continue focusing on advising, financial planning and client service.

Please be on the look out for additional updates on this exciting new initiative.

Program Highlights:
  • 98 Club Members
  • 631 Placements
  • $71.0 MM invested*
  • $5.4 MM targeted annual gains (Yield+NAV Change)**

* LotusGroup now manages over $140 million in assets across both private and public strategies

** This does not include the additional targeted return expected when the investments have their exits