Lotus Club continues to grow as 2017 comes to an end, with some very exciting updates below!

During Q4, clients invested $9.1M of additional capital and we sourced two new opportunities:

  1. Litigation Financing, paying an 8% pref and targeting a 16%+ per year long-term return
  2. Institutional mid-market real estate lending, yielding 6-8% and targeting a yearly 12% return

We also had 89 new placements for clients, and increased annual targeted returns to $98K per member

Finally, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our first fund of funds coming in early 2018.

This fund is bringing the best of our private partners under one hood:

  1. Easier processing with Docusign vs paper
  2. Improved expected returns with greater scale and speed
  3. Reduced costs with up to 30-60% bulk buying discounts

LGA hopes you all have a safe holiday season!


Lotus Club Program Highlights (90 day progress)

  • 84 Club Members with $0.7 billion of net worth (8 new Members)
  • 552 total private placements (89 new placements)
  • $59.7 million of private investments ($9.1 million added)*
  • $8.3 million annual targeted return ($4.8 million from current yield)
* LotusGroup now manages over $135 million in assets across both private and public strategies