Despite 2018’s market volatility, LotusGroup private investments have continued to deliver consistent cash flows and returns for our growing group of clientele.

Q4 Highlights:

  • Continued consistent cash flows and payouts amidst market volatility
  • The successful early exit of recommended infrastructure>easement funds, which generated 16%+ annualized IRRs for our client base.
  • The continued growth of our in-house life settlement investing capabilities

In Q4, we saw the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work to bring our client’s the best in product and access as it pertains to private investments.

We are proud to have launched and offer our clients two funds:

Program Developments

We continue to grow our fund-of-funds program as investment commitments help us to achieve scale and reduce overall costs.

We also officially launched our sister company, “LotusGroup Capital, LLC (LGC)” a few months ago.

As a reminder, this new firm is focused on:

  • Generating investment returns through the application of logic, data, mathematics, and process improvements
  • Creating efficiency and cost reduction through scale and in-house cost absorbtion
  • Continued alignment with our mission to maximize human potential

LGC continues to invest time and resources into developing an in house life settlement capability.

This includes not just building out a team, but also working to identify and partner with a variety of different supply-chain participants in the industry.

Finally, we are working hard to improve awareness and net payouts for the sellers of policies, a true social good if executed properly.

Program Highlights:

  • 102 Club Members
  • 588 Placements
  • $72.2 MM invested*
  • $5.1 MM targeted annual gains (Yield+NAV Change)

* LotusGroup now manages over $140 million in assets across both private and public strategies