Q1 Highlights:

As we spent most of last year launching and developing new products, we continue to receive positive feedback regarding our homegrown offerings.

  • Continued consistent cash flows and payouts
  • The ongoing success of our LGA IncomePlus Fund
  • The launch and initial successes for our first direct offering, the LotusGroup Longevity Fund

We would like to thank our growing client and investor base for your continued support and trust.

Fund-of-Funds: LGA IncomePlus 

The LGA IncomePlus Fund has sustained its initial success and continues to be a consistent winner:

  • Investment commitments are up to $15.7MM (more scale = better deal flow and lower overall costs).
  • We recently issued our third 6% annualized distribution (fully covered)**
  • Underlying NAV continues to increase, and Q1 has benefited from an additional easement exit

For more info on our latest progress, click below for a quick 1 page update:

Direct Fund: LotusGroup Longevity Fund (“LLF”)
LotusGroup Capital is off to a strong start both fundraising and policy sourcing in early 2019, currently exceeding our internal targets on both fronts.
With this growth, we continue to build out our asset management team, including:
  • Derek Miller, a partner at our preferred policy provider , has joined our team as a senior consultant
  • We officially formed an LLF Asset Management Team, integrating sourcing, policy management, and actuarial services
  • We are working with a industry-specific recruiter to add one more full-time sourcing professional

We are targeting an early year completion of the initial Founder Shares round of the raise ($1 million minimum) and we have already begun with our Investor Share class ($100K minimum).

The fund continues to hold monthly closings and our team is happy to answer any questions regarding LLF.

Reach out to your advisor today if you are interested!


* LotusGroup now manages $144 million in assets across both private and public strategies

** This does not include the additional targeted return expected when the investments have their exits