Hard-Working Business Owners Add To Their Team With LotusGroup.

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An Advisor On Your Side

LotusGroup acts as your investment CFO, providing objective advice and creating a protective barrier from all those salespeople who are constantly pitching you on endless products and services.  We help answer questions like, “how much money should I save versus reinvest in the business”,  “How do I appropriately diversify my investments?,” and “What should I be doing about risk management?”  Further, at what point in the evolution of your business are these questions most relevant versus rolling it all back in to maximize the bet on yourself?  Whether it’s these questions, or ones about acquisitions, dispositions, loans or recapitalizations…we are around to share our experiences, and weigh out the pros and cons of each potential choice.

Exclusive Network

Swap notes with successful business owners who have built cash-flowing businesses and saved some serious coin.  Rub shoulders with other successful investors in the community. Enjoy introductions to top-shelf accountants and other business support professionals. There is always more to figure out, but in doing so our clients want to access real performers not pretenders.  LotusGroup helps facilitate discussions to share battlefield stories, learn from each other, and invest together. Expand your network of real-world producers with LotusGroup.

Counter-Cyclical Investments

Don’t settle for a vanilla industry approach meant for 9-5ers; we find that buy-and-hold strategies are often not appropriate for business owners.  Your greatest success is often during economic peaks, while you may need access to funds during downturns. Consequently, a long-only investment strategy could possibly have you buying high, and selling low. We often suggest a more counter-cyclical approach, hedging against downturns and getting aggressive with your protected cash when everyone else is fearful.  Adding professionally-sourced private investments can also offer diversification from public-only portfolios.  Obtain greater control in the decision-making process while investing in a tangible way that business owners typically understand and enjoy.

Enthusiasm For Business

We get that you are busy, important, and looking to surround yourself with competent people.  Every minute wasted on a bad idea or poor execution is a minute lost forever.  LotusGroup has a deep love of capitalism, and a deep love for the business owner creators who are the heart of our economy and of the American Dream.  Late night sessions, weekends, whenever…we are always ready to talk about creating value in this world with you.

Lifestyle Support

Most of you work hard to balance business success with lifestyle.  You may have originally gone into business seeking the freedom of personal choice and time.  As such, we don’t only work hard to help entrepreneurs in their business successes, but also with their personal and family pursuits.  It isn’t always easy to manage the juggling act, but we try to help you have it all. Mostly, we understand your road traveled, because we are on it too!

Make Life Count