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An Advisor On Your Side

LotusGroup acts as your investment CFO, providing objective advice and creating a protective barrier from all those salespeople who are constantly pitching you on endless products and services.  We help answer questions like, “how much money should I save versus reinvest in the business,”  “How do I appropriately diversify my investments?,” and “What should I be doing about risk management?”  Whether it’s these questions, or ones about acquisitions, dispositions, loans or recapitalizations…we are around to share our experiences, and weigh out the pros and cons of each potential choice.

Plain English Spoken Here

While dentists work hard to hone their craft and to develop marketing channels, there tends to be less time leftover to optimize finances.  At LGA, we speak in plain English with an empowering approach that understands you are a busines owner and a CEO of your financial life.  LotusGroup empowers you with information to make smart decisions, and then we work relentlessly to execute all the details.

Tax Saving Techniques

We help evaluate legitimate tax saving strategies for your practice and then work with your office manager and accountant to execute the details.  Your primary roll is to review the information, ask questions, and make a decision.  Come see how your peers are saving thousands of dollars each year by working with LotusGroup.

Cash-Flow Opportunities

LotusGroup’s professionally-sourced private investment opportunities typically offer cash flow distributions to help supplement your lifestyle.  Our team focuses on negotiating access to private investments with acceptable investment minimums.  You stay in control by authorizing the major decisions and we take care of the operational details.

Wealth Dashboard For Full Visibility

Dentists access our mobile Dashboard to see their total net worth and suite of investment reports.  Our online portal also organizes all your important investment documents and contacts into a single place that our advisor can manage on your behalf in case of emergency.  Feel the power of having your full financial picture organized, and at your fingertips.

Opportunities Outside The Practice

We help you figure out how much money to keep reinvesting in your business, how much to pull out from your business, and the timing to do that. Whether it’s these questions, or ones about acquisitions, dispositions, loans or recapitalizations…we are around to share our experiences, and weigh out the pros and cons of each potential choice. Late night sessions, weekends, whenever…we are always available to help.

Make Life Count