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Triple Tax Savings

We help you save triple the taxes over what you’ve been told by your other advisers. We know you are extremely busy, so we work hand in hand with your office manager and accountant to bring you the solution and execute the details.  Your only roll is to review the information, ask questions, and make a decision.  Come see how your peers are savings tens of thousands of dollars each year by working with LotusGroup.

Zero Conflicts of Interest

We don’t ever “pitch” our clients; we have zero conflicts of interest (no kickbacks, commissions, etc).  LotusGroup acts as your Personal CFO to provide objective advice, and to create a protective barrier from all those salespeople who are constantly pitching you on endless products and services.

Specialist Expertise

We are specialists in what we do, with a heavy focus on wealth management for dentists.  While we have gone deep into our area of expertise and how it pertains to you, we do not do accounting, practice management, or insurance. Why work with someone who is distracted with ways to sell you more services, a Walmart approach to your finances.  With LotusGroup you will be hiring the best at helping you to make money, save money, and invest it for the future.

Plain English Spoken Here

We understand that you are highly intelligent, but may not have had the benefit of learning about finances as much as you’d like.  We speak in plain English with an empowering approach that understands you are a busines owner and a CEO of your financial life.  LotusGroup empowers you with information to make smart decisions, and then we work relentlessly to execute all the details.

Serious Cash-Flow Opportunities

Having built a successful cash-flowing businesses, you will truly appreciate our Private Investment Program. LotusGroup’s professionally-sourced opportunities offer serious cash flow, greater access with far lower minimums, and superior long-term returns to public markets.  Furthermore, our opportunities allow greater control in the decision-making process, the ability to invest locally, and a tangible quality that business owners like you understand and enjoy.

Wealth Dashboard For Full Visibility

Dentists love our mobile Dashboard where you can see all your net worth and reports, while having an organized way to keep track of all your important documents and contacts should the need arise.  Feel the power of having your full financial picture organized, and at your fingertips.

Exclusive Network of Practitioners

Swap notes with other successful practice owners who have built cash-flowing businesses and saved some serious coin.  There is always more to figure out, but our clientele don’t want to waste time with pretenders.  LotusGroup often links up groups of our most successful clients to share battlefield stories, learn from each other, and invest together in our Private Investment Program.  Find your crew at LotusGroup.

Opportunities Outside The Practice

We help you figure out how much money to keep reinvesting in your business, how much to pull out from your business, and the timing to do that. Whether it’s these questions, or ones about acquisitions, dispositions, loans or recapitalizations…we are around to share our experiences, and weigh out the pros and cons of each potential choice. Late night sessions, weekends, whenever…we are always available to help.

Make Life Count