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A Wealth Dashboard For Control

When it comes to understanding your future, the first step is gaining visibility and control to the full picture.  We provide a mobile Dashboard where you can see your full net worth and reports, while having an organized way to keep track of all important documents and contacts should the need arise.  Feel the comfort and safety of having your full financial picture organized, and at your fingertips.

Lifestyle Planning

We help professionals live the lifestyle they are used to while being able to save for a future they have high expectations for.  Having a plan helps provide the safety and comfort of knowing your hard work is building towards a future you are excited for.  Additionally, our planning tools allow you to instantly test various scenarios (e.g. the home remodel, sending kids to private school, switching jobs), and what their impact may be on your future goals.

Handcrafted Investment Solutions

We don’t really care whether you compare yourself to others or whether you are a maverick who goes against the crowd.  What does matter is that these behaviors are indicative of which investment strategy is best suited for you.  Getting this right is the difference between sticking to a strategy that fits you best, or constantly searching for answers while getting burned along the way and stunting your success.  LotusGroup’s proprietary behavioral assessments help professionals choose the right strategy fit, the appropriate risk profile, and the optimal mix between public and private investments.

Future Proofing

We future proof professionals – anticipating their life changes and the changing needs they may have as their careers and lives progress.  How will you merge finances with a future spouse, in order to keep the train moving forward and to avoid unnecessary friction.  What will I decide for my children when it comes time for public versus private schools.  If I have to take time off from work, how will that affect my career prospects and long-term investment goals?

Give Yourself an Upgrade!

Why let entrepreneurs have all the fun?  Access LotusGroup’s professionally-sourced private equity deals with low investment minimums.  Start building the consistent cash flows which will get you closer and closer to “Freedom Day,” the day you will be able to quit work, change jobs, or just not worry about things anymore.  Rediscover how enjoyable investing can be when it is more tangible, local, and fun with private investing.

Marital Harmony

As busy as everything is with professionals, how do they increase the odds of marital harmony as it pertains to finances.  One person may be a spender and the other a saver.  One a risk-taker, and the other a conservative.  One may be a collaborator that seeks out advice, and the other an analyzer.  These contrasts can create friction in relationships, or worse can result in anger or divorce. LotusGroup helps to explore these differences with couples, in order to create harmonious solutions with greater happiness and success.

Networking Opportunities

We have a wide network of professionals and entrepreneurs who pick up the phone when we call – this gives our professional clients immediate access to people who can help them further their professional development, or maybe even break away to start a new venture.  Random networking on Facebook and LinkedIn can only get you so far.  With LotusGroup, we help professionals find the exact right person to talk with.


We for sure know that we are a wealth management firm, focused first on helping you define and achieve your long-term goals.  But it wouldn’t be any fun if that’s all we did.  At LotusGroup, we enjoy throwing fun events that are both unique in nature and allow clients to connect on a deeper level with other professionals.  We also enjoy sponsoring a number of charitable events where we have all been guilty of having a drink or two, or three.  Hey, it’s for the kids right?

Zero Conflicts Of Interest

Finally, our professional clients always know that we are in their corner and have zero conflicts of interest (no kickbacks, commissions, etc).  In this vein, we often become the quarterback of their financial situation, meaning we can effectively coordinate their other advisers (accountant, lawyer, friends, etc.).

Make Life Count