We Help Retirees Find Their Second Act In Life.

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Lifestyle Planning

We help couples to not only feel comfortable with their retirement plan, but also to understand how it will support the lifestyle they want to pursue.  Go ahead, enjoy yourself a little…you earned it!

Cash Flow Security

LGA works with retirees to build up passive income and to execute retirement distribution plans.  Our end goal for these clients is to seek the freedom and comfort of knowing where their monthly check will be coming from.  Freed of this worry, we encourage LGA clients to pursue their dreams, including spending time with grandchildren!

Second Act Living

With security in place, client’s are encouraged to pursue their dreams and passions.  Sometimes we even help nudge them along with surprise “dream events” to show them just what is possible.

Next Gen Planning & Giving

As LGA clients start thinking about wealth transfer and philanthropy, we help with planning, guidance, and even intimate relationships with kids and grand-kids to help establish healthy habits and behaviors.

Full Detailing Service

Our retiree clients are busy making new adventures.  They are also relearning new technologies and trying to keep up with our ever-changing world (or sometimes they’d rather do without it). LGA’s client service team takes care of every little detail, even hand-holding clients with logins or passwords.  We get it, you’ve got more important things to do!

Make Life Count