Private Investing Is A Secret Weapon Of The Wealthy

Potentially double your 30-year return by adding private investments.

Public Portfolio Grows To $6.4MM ( 46% Of Potential)
With 25% Private, Portfolio Grows To $10.5MM ( 64% Greater Return )
With 33% Private, Portfolio Grows To $12.2MM ( 90% Greater Return )
With 40% Private, Portfolio Grows To $14.0MM ( 100%+ Greater Return )

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LGA Brings Game Changing Opportunities

Generate Serious Cash Flow

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We focus exclusively on income-producing opportunities that also have potential for longer-term growth.  As cash flows grow, clients enjoy the freedom and security of consistently increasing income.

Actually Be Diversified

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Diversified public portfolios typically have lower returns and often don’t work in bear markets. LGA private investments deliver superior returns and are uncorrelated with markets, making it easier to spread your risk.

Enjoy Investing Again

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Rather than disconnected investing in public indexes, enjoy local and tangible opportunities with smart and successful operators at the helm.  Have fun investing in opportunities that you connect with better!

Our Three Levels of Private Investment Access

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Sample Private Deals


1. Private Fund: Mobile Home Investing to Insulate You From Bear Markets

In early 2015, LGA investment models pointed towards the increasing possibility of a downturn in the years to come. As such, we began to turn our eye towards recession-resilient opportunities for client’s hard-earned capital. One such area we looked at was mobile home parks, which perform well during downturns.

Being a low-cost segment of the market, this counter-cyclical sector maintains pricing power during tough times, making it traditionally very attractive to high-net-worth investors, family offices and endowment/pension funds.

The key to understanding mobile home park investing is to look at the raw power of affordable housing and how it relates to today’s consumer. The household income for 20% of all Americans is under $20,000. That’s 60 million people.

Based on benchmark suggestions of housing costs to total income (about 33%), these families can afford around $500 per month. With the average apartment rent in 2014 over $1,300 per month, where do these families live for $500 per month? There are only two options: low-rent apartments and mobile home parks.

In early Q2/2015, LGA partnered with Caddis Capital Investments to put clients into their Trico lineage of fund vehicles. With over 27 years of successful experience in the mobile home park sector, as well as other recession-resilient sectors like self-storage, parking and student housing, the Trico funds were a natural fit.

Additionally, our detailed due diligence process confirmed some key success factors, including the General Partner having a substantial amount of “skin in the game,” the capital repayment process being favorable to the Limited Partners, and many potential real estate risk factors having been mitigated with pre-work by the team.

Clients invest in the Trico funds as Limited Partners, with a capital account and a preferred dividend paid out quarterly. Clients can invest in their taxable or retirement accounts (IRAs) held at TD Ameritrade (or other custodian of choice), with distributions deposited directly into their accounts, and performance picked up on their client reports.

The fund is expected to have a relatively short time frame, with expectations of additional capital gains upon portfolio asset disposition. For more specific and confidential information, click on the “Contact Us” button and drop us an email or give us a ring.

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2. Unique  Investment: A Country Club Membership That Actually Pays You

4,500 new golf courses were built from 1990 to 2005, mainly tied to community developments with a financial model of breaking even on the course, while making money on home constructions. With a glut of supply heading into the 2007-2009 recession, nearly 100 courses were shut down each year since then, mainly courses with poor locations, product, or management.

However, there are many healthy clubs with fantastic product, and there is incredible opportunity to pick up assets on the cheap for strong management teams .

The key to unlocking value in an oversupplied industry is to select the right opportunities, and to be the best-in-class operator. With incredibly depressed pricing in the golf industry as a whole, the opportunity arises in identifying the marquee properties and healthy membership communities that are the proverbial baby being thrown out with the bathwater.

Targeting properties that have also been a bit mismanaged allows for a best-in-class management team to ring out further value. The net-net opportunity is to develop an immediately strong cash flow, along with the long-term acquisition of a fantastic property.

In early 2013, LGA was introduced to an up-and-coming private Golf Management Company through a client relationship. With a best-in-class team, they had already built a fantastic reputation as a golf course operator, with experience in private clubs, public clubs, and PGA tour event hosting.  One of their core competencies was in buying healthy clubs from hospitality-industry operators (think Ritz Carlton owned and run courses), and then helping to increase profitability while maintaining or even improving the product.

In April 2013, LGA provided our clients with access to invest in this Golf Management Company’s largest acquisition to date, a group of six golf properties in a major US city, one of which hosts a PGA Tour event.

Clients invested alongside LGA in this opportunity as Limited Partners, with a capital account and a preferred dividend paid out monthly. Clients invested directly with taxable assets or through a self-directed IRA that we helped them to setup. Distributions have been auto-deposited directly into their taxable investment accounts or into their self-directed IRAs, and performance picked up on their client reports.

Finally, a unique benefit of this investment was for Limited Partner investors to periodically bring a free foursome to play at any of the various private courses that were owned and operated by this Golf Management Company around the nation. For our clients who enjoy blending golf with business (or simply just love playing golf), this unique benefit has been a true source of value above and beyond the healthy returns that have been part of the investment.

For future opportunities in this space, click on the “Contact Us” button and drop us an email or give us a ring.

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3. LGA Accelerator Program: Thrive Workplace, Revolutionizing How We Work

Coworking is a relatively new office concept in the real estate industry, bringing people together from different businesses to share a workspace, equipment, services, and ideas. With the rapid growth of mobile computing, coworking has been a natural complement to those who can work anywhere, but prefer to have a shared and defined space where they can be in a professional environment and where they can invite peers, suppliers, and clients to meet. Whether members have a private office, dedicated desk, or roam freely amongst the open workspaces…they all enjoy the amenities, community, and ability to buy services by the drink (conference rooms, receptionist, IT help, etc).

The coworking industry has grown from a single location in 2005 to over 800 across the nation today, but remains very much so in its infancy. Many mom-and-pop startups have tried and failed due to insufficient capital, poor designs, and inadequate services and amenities. A handful of regional and national players had begun to crack the code, albeit not yet in the Denver, Colorado market.

We accepted Thrive Workplace into the LGA Accelerator Program in early 2014, investing in their first major location (Cherry Creek, Colorado). What Thrive brought to the table was a great location, a great design, and two wonderful and hard-working real estate professionals in co-founding brothers Charlie and Chad Johnson. LGA immediately helped to assemble an advisory committee, consisting of professionals with experience in real estate, marketing, sales, and service. In conjunction with Charlie and Chad, the committee immediately got to work on completion of the beta-site, sales, marketing, and the delivery of consistent services.

Within six months, the product began to deliver on the promises to early clientele, and the location began to generate a healthy annualized return. LGA then worked with Thrive to ensure that their team of employees was hired and trained, their product was viable and visible in the marketplace, and that a consistent and repeatable process was etched into their identity. The beta site was very much up and running.

With a profitable product, process, and team in place, Thrive was now ready to expand. In late 2014, LGA worked with Thrive’s management team to take on their most audacious project yet, a 24,000 square foot new location in the Ballpark area of Denver, CO. LGA helped to guarantee the lease, and then worked together with Thrive to raise $675,000 of expansion capital through our Unique Direct Investment Program.

To date, Thrive @ Ballpark has built out the first floor and sold out the offices and dedicated desks, with additional opportunities to continue selling mobile memberships and conference room services to the public. Phase II of the project is currently underway with permitting being completed for the basement 10,000 sq ft. LGA clients who have participated in this investment have already begun to receive their monthly dividend checks, and Thrive is well on its way to making its second major mark on the Denver coworking industry.

While Thrive is working to complete the Ballpark location, LGA is concurrently working with their management team to identify a Services Executive to run the show. While the product and processes are well along their way, Thrive will highly benefit from the new hire of a professional manager (e.g. from high-end retail services company such as Nordstroms, Starbucks, or Ritz-Carlton).

Once this key manager is in place, we will undertake to expand to multiple new locations in Denver, and hopefully beyond…all the while testing the optimal sizes and layouts of the space, as well as the mix of amenities provided. We also believe there will be future opportunities to monetize the well-defined client communities within each, and across all locations.

If you would like to find out more about Thrive, or enquire about future investment opportunities in new locations…drop us a line on our Contact Us page of this website.

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