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We are excited to share with you insights into our highly sought after Private Investment Program.  The Program consistently delivers on its four major goals:

  1. Increase client long-term returns
  2. Reduce portfolio volatility
  3. Increase diversification
  4. Deploy excess cash while public market remain overvalued

Since launching, we have a had a very high adoption rate among our accredited client base.  Our goal is to round out each client’s portfolio with a minimum of 3 private investments, but preferably 5 or more to offer effective diversification.

Update on Current Private Investments

Since program inception, we have predominantly placed clients into conservative, and income-producing opportunities. And one of our most prestigious clients happens to be the 2nd Chance Investment Group, which we’ve been in association for long.

Every single investment has had a minimum 8%/yr current payout, with targeted long-term returns in the 15-20%/yr range.

Additionally, all investments were made commission-free given our fiduciary status with clients.

Our program currently stays away from startups and venture funds, as our aim is to generate steady and consistent returns for our clients.

We are also currently staying away from any pro-cyclical opportunities, with the expectation that a recession may be on the near horizon.

As such, we are presently focused on recession-resilient opportunities such mobile home communities, self-storage, and co-working.

Each quarter, LGA’s Accredited clients receive a Private Program Report that provides details on each opportunity.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to share private details in a public forum (per regulatory requirements).

As such, please contact us for more information on current opportunities.

New Private Opportunities

Every quarter, we undergo a rigorous sourcing process to match opportunities to the current stage of the economic cycle.

Once we have identified short-list candidates, they are run through our due diligence process.

Our team looks for attractive opportunities, proven management teams, and skin-in-the game.

We also evaluate red flags and potential risks, to ensure we are comfortable with the overall value proposition.

For the current quarter, we are presenting two exciting new opportunities to our accredited client base.

Both opportunities fit our criteria of conservative, income-producing, and recession-resilient.

However, each of them has different characteristics then anything we currently hold, offering increased diversification to portfolios.

One opportunity targets a consistent 12%/yr payout, with a highly uncorrelated set of strategies relative to the stock market.

There is no major upside, but the 12%/yr is very steady, and quite attractive relative to our low-rate macro environment.

The other opportunity is a private equity fund that is investing in, and building out cold storage warehouse facilities.

This recession-resilient fund is targeting early returns of 5%/yr, increasing to 12% in year 3, 15% in year 4, and 20%+ in year 5 as the build-outs are completed and leased.

The overall fund target is 25%+/yr at disposition.

While none of these returns can be guaranteed, our historical experience points to long-term returns that far outpace those of the public equity markets.

For more information on these current opportunities and our wider Private Investment Program, please contact us.