Q3 2016 photo

Our private investment program continues to mature, with new sourcing channels being cultivated and new investors joining in on the benefits.

In the past three months, we expanded our sourcing channels by adding four new investment firms to our informal network.  These firms have already each supplied us with 1-2 leads on new investment managers whom we have put into our due diligence process.

We expect 1-3 of these these new opportunities to be available for our clients in the quarter(s) ahead, as well as opportunities opening up from preferred vendors who we have used in the past.  Some of these funds are already oversubscribed, so our pre-negotiated slots for investment will go on a first come / first served basis.  These are very popular and restricted access opportunities with proven managers, so we are excited to be able to provide clients with access acquired from working with them on previous investments.

On the new client front, we added 5 new accredited client households to the program during the past 3 months, and have a pipeline of 15 additional households who are in the cue for the coming months. While our Advisor team is working hard to bring on everyone that has expressed interest, we do have limited capacity (although we are working on that well with a new hire expected in early 2017).  We urge those that are qualified and interested to express their interest and to reserve out their spot in line.

To learn more about how our program works and whether you qualify, please complete and submit our simple form here:

Quick Program Update (Stats)

Below are selected stats associated with our Private Investment Program for Q3/2016:

  • $1.2 million of new client savings were invested ($14.7 million since program inception)
  • 16 new individual investments were made (177 placements since program inception)
  • 5 new households began participating (45 total households are now invested)
  • $33K of average annual cash flow per client ($1.44 million annual cash flow for all clients)
  • $9.2 million backlog of potential investments available with existing clients idle cash

LGA clients continue to grow their allocations, increase their passive income, and inch ever closer towards their freedom day and number.

As always, all investments are free of commissions or kickbacks from us, given our fiduciary status….and we continue to laser-focus on income-producing opportunities with extremely high success rates, and meaningful assets or protections.

We wish the best to you and your family…and look forward to hearing from you.