Delivering Consistent Income

Our Private Investment Program continues to deliver on its stated goals:

  • Provide security and returns through increasing cash flows
  • Improve financial stability through reduced volatility
  • Increase access through lower investment minimums

We continue to work countless hours getting clients more deeply involved, staying on top of current investments, and sourcing new opportunities.

Quick Program Update (Stats)

Below are selected stats associated with our Private Investment Program:

  • 91 individual investments have been made across 10 different private opportunities
  • 51 of these opportunities are paying monthly or quarterly income checks (with the other 40 beginning in the next 60-90 days)
  • 33 accredited households are now participating, with 3 new ones added in the last 90 days
  • $3.4 million have been invested in just the last 90 days.

As always, all investments have been made free of commissions from us, given our fiduciary status with clients.

Additionally, our program continues to stay away from startups and venture funds, instead focusing on opportunities with extremely high success rates, and meaningful assets or protections.

We are also currently staying away from pro-cyclical opportunities, with the expectation that a recession may be on the near horizon (see our recent public investment blog posts for more on this topic).

Learn More About How Private Investments Can Supplement Your Current Public Investment Strategy

LGA clients receive a Quarterly Private Program Report which provides details of their various holdings and how they are performing.

Also, clients work closely with a dedicated LGA Private Client Advisor to determine appropriateness, size of investment, and which accounts are best suited for each specific opportunity (for example, a heavy income-producing investment may be better suited in a tax-free IRA account).

This fiduciary Private Client Advisor is unbelievably unique to the space, as there are zero commissions paid to the Advisor or to our firm.

That means our advice is conflict-free.

How do we do it?

Learn more about how the highest fiduciary model works (Registered Investment Advisors), and how we provide access to professionally-sourced opportunities for our clients to generate consistent income.

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