A huge 90 days of progress since our last private investment update…and a name change!

Introducing:  Lotus Club

The Club is a diverse group of individuals with a unifying love for Human Productivity.

Our Club finds and solves real world problems, empowering competent and passionate people with our hard-working capital.

Whether we are improving health care outcomes, increasing entrepreneurship, or improving the quality and supply of affordable housing, Club investment dollars are helping change the world for the better, with excess returns as a reward for being the improvement agent.

In Q4/2016 we were able to offer Club Members 3 new exciting and recession resilient opportunities:

  • Development of cutting-edge transitional care facilities with an attractive preferred equity targeted return
  • Long-term industrial properties with triple net leasing for conservative income and major tax sheltering
  • Roll-up of the recession resilient waste management industry with a current yield and long-term equity gain

In Q4 we welcomed 9 new families (20% Club Growth in just 90 days!).

Each accredited new Member is not just adding to Club size & strength, but is also bringing specific industry knowledge to benefit the Club going forward (which we have used to improve deal flow and due diligence efforts – i.e. we tapped a 20-year health-care industry vet to help us review the transitional care opportunity above).

Club growth has also allowed us to improve access to more sophisticated private operators and to negotiate better deal terms, which can be seen in some of the Club’s most recent opportunities

This isn’t some faceless investment…but rather a very direct way for us to make a difference, and to get paid for our good work. 

To learn more about Lotus Club and whether you qualify, please complete and submit our simple form here:

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Quick Program Update (Stats)

Below are selected stats associated with our Private Investment Program for Q4/2016:

  • 54 total Club Members with $0.6 billion of total net worth (9 new Members added in Q4)
  • $22.6 million total private investment ($7.9 million added in Q4)
  • $8.4 million of backlog cash available for new private investments
  • $2.65 million of annual Club cash flow (49K/yr per average Member)
  • 257 total private placements (80 new placements in Q4 alone!)

The Club continues to gain strength, confidence, and deliver for its Members and society at large – a true win-win!

We wish the best to you and your family…and look forward to hearing from you.

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