Navigating the New Year  

We are two months into the New Year.  Do you set goals or make New Year’s Resolutions?  Is this an exciting year for you, with new possibilities, personal growth, or career advancement in your plans?

Or maybe this is a year of unknowns, with a mixture of fear and anxiety, possibly including a career move, changes in the family structure, or adjusting to the “new normal” of retirement or loss of a loved one.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself dealing with today or facing tomorrow, it helps to have a plan to guide you along the way.

Like driving in an unfamiliar area, having a GPS to guide the way can make the journey less stressful with more certainty you’ll end up where you want to go.

What makes a GPS so useful in finding your way through unfamiliar territory?

It simply takes you where you want to end up and provides the easiest route available to get there.

GPS can tell you how far and how long it will take; It will even provide step-by-step instructions for every turn, so all you need to know is the next step, the next turn.

This can make the overwhelming seem manageable!

The GPS even warns you if you make a wrong turn and how to get back on track.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a GPS for your 2019 goals?

Just plug in the end point, press “calculate best route” and your ideal navigational route appears with step-by-step instructions.

Since that technology doesn’t likely yet exist, maybe we can design our own GPS.

Designing Your GPS

G   =         Game Plan

P    =         Priorities

S    =         Singular Purpose

Our G.P.S. begins with the end in mind (our Game Plan to reach our goal).

The coordinates that set our course are determined according to our Personal Priorities.

This provides the filter for “calculating the best route” by avoiding areas where we shouldn’t spend our time and energy and directing our path by staying focused on what matters most.

This last statement is maybe the trickiest to nail down, “what matters most.”

It should become apparent when we focus on the “S” of our G.P.S. or our Singular Purpose.

A wonderful book I recently finished brings this issue of singular purpose into acute clarity (the book is The One Thing by Gary Keller).

I’ll paraphrase for the context of this discussion.  What is the ONE THING you could do this year, this month, starting now, that having done it will make other things easier or unnecessary?

  1. If your singular purpose is FINANCIAL your response may include things like, “live within my means” or “save adequately for retirement” or “eliminate my debt” or “automate my bill pay.”
  2. If you singular purpose is about CAREER your response may include things like, “make more money” or “achieve a promotion” or “make that career move” or “bet on myself this year.”
  3. If your singular purpose is about RETIREMENT your response may include things like, “discover a plan for a ‘new normal’” or “establish new priorities and a renewed sense of purpose.”

Our lives are full of unknowns.  Some things we can control.  Some things we can’t control.

Knowing (and accepting) the difference can make all the difference in our level of stress and joy.

How Can We Help?

Lotus Group is committed to helping each individual maximize their human potential.

That could mean generating investment income to support your  lifestyle needs, while allowing you to bet on yourself in a new venture, career change or next opportunity.

It could also mean outsourcing a key responsibility of your life (finances), so that you may prioritize on yourself or your family.

Or it could be as simple as just wanting a quick chat “pick me up” chat.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help make that happen.

We truly enjoy helping clients to setup their financial G.P.S. and helping to steer it towards long-term security and financial independence.

If you’re early in the game and need the encouragement to start – we can help you clarify the best moves now.

If you’re late in the game, maybe early into a life transition or retirement – we can help you navigate the unknown.

Setting and achieving your goals for the year ahead can be a daunting process.

Just as your GPS provides you with step-by-step instructions to your desired destination, your own internal G.P.S. can do the same.

As always, our Private Client Advisors can help you “calculate the best route” for 2019.

The 2019 Game Plan begins and ends with our company motto:


How can we help you?