Behaviors Matter

Ever wonder why so many people find investing so tedious, tiresome, and frustrating?

The investment industry often focuses on theories and logic, while underappreciating real-life emotions that can drive people’s decisions.

LotusGroup Advisors aims to match investment strategies with client behaviors, using proprietary online assessments and deep one-on-one discussions. Whether the match is to a comparison-based strategy, an absolute-based one, or an income-producing private approach…a good match may lead to reduced stress and improved long-term results.


Wealth Dashboard For Visibility

Visibility to all your accounts is imperative.  Houses, cars, investment accounts, income, spending, and saving.  Monitor your cash flow and store important docs in the vault, all secured in your pocket.

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An LGA Plan = Control

We next turn our focus to building a plan for the future, one you can track against to see progress.

Our decision center allows you to quickly test real-life scenarios and their impact on your long-term goals.  How much can I spend on the remodel?  What if junior goes to a private school? Will I have enough cash flow in retirement?

We promise you won’t be cutting a latte a day to save a few pennies, but instead will have a plan to support your desired lifestyle.

Marital Disharmony: The Elephant in the Room

Despite the best of intentions, marriages can stagnate because of financial discord.

Choose to be soulmates instead of roommates!

Save or Spend

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One of you lives for today while the other is planning ahead.  You both feel you are right, and so the other person’s behavior drives you nuts.  Our advisors aim to help you safely understand each other first, and then create a plan for both sides to get oxygen in the relationship.

Risk or Reward

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One of you enjoys risk while the other would prefer to sit on cash. When it comes to investing, you are conflicted. Worse, you may harbor resentment towards each other when things go wrong. We help you to understand, compromise, or utilize different approaches.

Advice or Analysis

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One of you enjoys advice while the other prefers to analyze data. You frustrate each other because decision-making styles conflict. We share info in your love language, and if necessary, can have individual meetings with different communication techniques.

LGA Investments Are Handcrafted For You

Leverage the “A” Team

At LotusGroup, we believe that you are the CEO.  Your educated decisions are important, and your time is valuable.

We help you focus on high-level decision-making, while relying on tailored advice from our experienced advisors.

Our team of professionals also executes the day-to-day details, allowing you to focus on life, career and relationships.

Make Life Count