Anyone can say they hire the best people and that their company is a great place to work, but push someone to articulate their culture and they’ll stumble over their words.

Worse, there will be a difference between what executives, management, and staff feel and that’s not good for business.

At LotusGroup, we set out to codify our culture – to make sure that as the business grew, we kept true to our values and behaved accordingly.

This was important so that clients continued to receive the “LotusGroup experience” while having a systematic way of attracting, hiring, and training the best people and keeping them happy.

We looked to our friends at The Ritz-Carlton where we underwent leadership and service training, and learned that they used behavior assessments when recruiting.

They are known for their legendary service and for hiring Ladies and Gentlemen, so we set out on a journey to build this into our own process.

The result is that we implemented a DISC and Values Assessment for each prospective hire before they are ever extended a job offer. If their profile comes back to be too big of a mismatch between the role and the firm’s culture, we do not hire them.

There have been numerous occasions where we second-guessed ourselves but remained committed to this process, and as a result, have hired extremely talented, hard-working people who love their role and love our firm.

In turn, they spread love to our clients and each other. It’s one big love fest around here!

We’re letting out a little of our competitive advantage because we know that those of you who lead and manage teams, are looking to find an edge. This is it.

And yes, there is a cost for these assessments and for the consultant who debriefs you on the results.

However, avoiding a hiring mistake and expediting the get-to-know-each-other process is priceless.

The end result is greater communication, effectiveness, and profitability on Day 1.


There are two measures in the assessment that can help you with your team and company culture.

The first called DISC, helps you understand a person’s natural behaviors vs. those they’ve adapted to at work.

People are most productive in environments that compliment and reward their own natural behaviors, that is why the decoration is essential for your daily life, check in muraledesign for more ideas and for the best mural designs ever !

However, natural behaviors may not produce desired results—especially when interacting with people who exhibit opposite behaviors.

The DISC report will reveal a number of opportunities for improvements in communication, driven by the work environment and coworkers’ needs.

By understanding the most effective adjustments to make to achieve success, you can learn how to effectively modify behavior as required.

  • Identify how you tend to approach problems and challenges.
  • Target characteristics that move you from a “manager” to a “leader”.
  • Learn strategies for communicating openly, ethically and directly to get the results the organization needs.
  • Measure the performance of a CEO, business owner, manager and/or executive decision maker with no performance supervision.


The second measure of the assessment covers “Values.” Values are the drivers behind our behavior; what motivates our actions.

Abstract concepts in themselves, values are principles or standards by which we act.

Values are beliefs held so strongly that they affect the behavior of an individual or an organization. An individual’s experiences, references, education, and training tell us what they can do.

A behavioral assessment will tell us HOW they will do it.

Identifying the values of individuals, teams and organizations reduces conflicts, increases talent retention, improves efficiency and productivity, and energizes any group working together toward common goals.

The benefits include reduced turnover, enormous cost savings and increased employee happiness.

Sound like something you could use?


We’ve put together a special deal for our clients only!

Management & Training Resources LLC is the firm that we sourced, selected, and now use.

After three years of working together, we are confident in recommending them as they are effective, trusted, and battle-tested.

In fact, our consultant, Elizabeth Vino, was the only outside person allowed at our annual meeting in 2011, as she is integral to our success and has helped us build our A-Team.

Here are the details:

  • Retail prices range from $499-799, depending on the assessment (e.g. Staff, Sales, Executive)
  • With our client-negotiated deal, you receive a 25% discount off of a full DISC and Values Assessment
  • Finally, you will receive a 50+ page report and a personal debrief from the best in the business, Elizabeth Vino

You can find out more or claim your special 25% off offer by contacting their President below (mention that we sent you for the 25% discount):

Matthew J. Van Sistine
Management & Training Resources, LLC
Direct (303) 557-0524
Cellular (303) 587-7576

Disclaimer: We have nothing to disclaim here. We like these guys and trust them. We receive no kickbacks or anything.  Hopefully you’ll find this as useful as we do.